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Animal Rights Group Threatens UC Davis Researchers

DAVIS, Calif. (January 12, 2009) --- The University of California, Davis, is on high alert after a radical animal rights group -- known as "Revolutionary Cells Animal Liberation Brigade" -- posted bomb warnings on an Internet site on Saturday.

Two scientists working at the university's California National Primate Research Center were called out by name and home street address.

"We are the Revolutionary Cells Animal Liberation Brigade," said the statement. "And we could not stand by and let the atrocities continue. We chose two primate vivisectors and mailed them letter-bombs."

The group says this is "not a hoax" and that it is "the beginning of our campaign against UC Davis and the CNPRC and we will not end until the torture and killing of primates ends."

Established in 1962, CNPRC is a federally funded biomedical research facility and part of a network of eight national primate research centers sponsored by the National Center for Research Resources, a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

There are approximately 4,700 monkeys in the CNPRC.

The CNPRC Web site says it is "dedicated to improving human and animal health" and a views itself as a "unique resource for researchers studying human disease, offering the opportunity to study causes, effects and potential methods of treatment and prevention in our closest relatives in the animal kingdom."

According to the facility, "Research done at the CNPRC and other primate centers lays the groundwork for clinical studies, leading to new drugs, therapies and surgical procedures in human medicine."



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