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Animal Rights Group Appeals To Find Teens Who Made Sick Dolphin Drink Beer (Photos)

A group of teenagers poured beer into a sick dolphin’s mouth, and then took photos of themselves posing with the animal.

The photographs of two boys and a girl eventually ended up on the Facebook page of the Blue Planet Organisation, an animal rights group, who is now issuing an appeal for help in tracking down the culprits, the Daily Mail reports.

The Paita-based organization in northern Peru said no matter what the condition of the dolphin was, the teens’ behavior violated its animal rights.

One of the photos shows the boys pouring a bottle of beer down the dolphin’s mouth.

Then another picture shows one of the boys posing with a girl holding the young dolphin.

“We are definitely against these inhumane acts towards the dolphins, which are the masters of the seas,” the animal rights group said on its Facebook page where it posted the photos. “While many people are fighting to conserve and preserve their lives, others believe the animals are just a thing to play.”

It is not known whether the dolphin is now alive or dead, but the group said it wanted to find out what happened to the animal after the three teenagers were done taking their pictures.

The 2009 Academy Award-winning documentary The Cove exposed the slaughter of wild dolphins and orcas in Japan.

The film stars Ric O’Barry, the man who captured and trained dolphins used in the 1960s television series Flipper. He became an animal activist after claiming one of the Flipper dolphins “committed suicide” in his arms.

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