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Animal Rights Extremists Post Pics of FBI Agents and Informants

This could be very dangerous to the health and safety of FBI agents and others: The radical North American Animal Liberation Press Office--run by Dr. Jerry Vlasak, who has yearned for the murder of animal researchers--has created a Web site containing photos of FBI Agents, animal rights activists who have cooperated with law enforcement, and others.

Worse, there is a thinly veiled call for some of these people to be harmed, or even murdered. (I have decided not to link this.) At the top of the list of names, how the person allegedly harmed the animal liberation movement, and photos of the people, is this quote (my emphasis):

For the sake of clarity, let us be uncomfortably honest: to snitch is to take a life. By words and by weapons, each day lives are taken in the most egregious of crimes. When this happens in the courtroom, we call it "cooperation". I call it violence, and I call anything done to keep an informant out of the courtroom "self defense." -- Peter Young, animal liberation prisoner

Readers of SHS will recall that when some Santa Cruz animal rights radicals left wanted posters in coffee shops with the names and addresses of animal researchers, it resulted in one of the researcher's home being fire bombed and his children having to escape down a rope escape ladder from a smoke-filled house. Simultaneously, the car of another listed researcher was destroyed by a bomb.

This is volatile and very dangerous stuff. It is intended to intimidate. It is intended to impede law enforcement. It is intended to result in people getting hurt. I think it goes beyond free speech and could result in someone being made dead. That would be a Rubicon, no turning back.


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