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Animal Rights Extremism Impacts How New research Labs are Built

A new research facility being built in London -- a conglomerate of the Medical Research Council, University College London, Cancer Research UK, and The Wellcome Trust – will have some of the tightest security measures yet seen in the UK:

“The “security management plan”, seen by the Evening Standard, identifies crime, terrorism and “domestic extremism” as concerns. It states: “Potential security risks may arise from domestic extremism — potentially the animal rights movement.”

“Other measures will include CCTV, “robust” building materials, strengthened glass and “anti-Hostile Vehicle Measures”. The eight-page document states: “This is to create a maximum stand-off in the event of a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device.”

“It also details how the perimeter will be secured and monthly meetings will be held between the local police, Met intelligence units, a national domestic extremism team and British Library security.”

The labs at this facility will focus their research on HIV, heart diseases, and stroke.


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