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Animal Rights Activists Celebrate The Life Of A Chicken By Hosting Its Funeral In a Grocery Store

California-based animal rights activist group, Direct Action Everywhere, held a funeral for a frozen chicken at a local grocery store and recorded the whole thing for their YouTube Channel.

The same group of protesters recently made headlines for their “Chicken Lady” video, where they confronted diners eating in trendy restaurants. It appears as though they’ve taken it a step further with their latest stunt.

The animal lovers visited a local grocery store in Berkeley, California, not to go food shopping but to celebrate the life a fallen chicken. Dressed in funeral attire and even bringing a coffin, Direct Action Everywhere opened the floor for anyone who cared to say a few words on behalf of the late chicken.

“Each one of these animals whose legs, ribs and other mutilated body parts that are sold here had stories of their own,” proclaimed one of the members. “They had rich emotional lives, filled with desire curiosity, pain and sorrow, all cut short because they were born of a different species than us. And when institutions like this try to sell their stolen lives as happy or humane, they are silencing the terrored screams that accompanied their deaths. We are here to tell the true story. The story of a beautiful life that could have been lived but was violently ended. In memory of a life lost.”

Store security asked the group to stop filming but they continued with their ceremony. They marched throughout the grocery store with the coffin, shouting, “It’s not food, it’s violence.”

Eventually, security told the protesters that cops had arrived and that they needed to leave. You can watch the beautiful ceremony unfold here:

Source: The Blaze, YouTube / Photo Credit: Screen Shot From Direct Action Everywhere YouTube Chanel


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