Animal Rights Activists Criticize Ranch Matthew McConaughey Once Co-Owned

Animal activists attacked actor Matthew McConaughey after TMZ reported that the Hollywood star allegedly owns a deer hunting ranch that offers “canned” hunts.

The story was originally reported by TMZ who noted that McConaughey was listed co-owner of LP Ranch. However, the actor’s representative has insisted that McConaughey sold his half of the ranch in 2011. The listing has since been removed.

The Mertzon, Texas, ranch breeds and sells horses and cows. It also offers visitors whitetail deer hunting, which animal rights activists have called inhumane because of the “canned” experience.

Hunters can stay on the property, where there is a tavern and other amenities, then shoot deer during the day. Though the animals have 22,000 acres to roam on, a source connected to the ranch told TMZ that the deer usually stay near the feeding area – that is, the deer are easy targets.

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Since TMZ originally reported the story, animal rights activists have taken to Facebook to criticize McConaughey and the ranch.

“We just lost all respect for you,” one Facebook user wrote. “This is disgusting behavior for human beings!”

According to Madison McConaughey, the actor’s nephew and ranch cattle manager, ranch workers have received death threats from those critical of the hunting experience.

“People are disgusted with us but we’re disgusted with them,” Madison McConaughey said. “We’re proud of what we do.”

Another ranch manager added that none of the meat goes to waste because it’s used to feed the family.

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Sources: TMZ, Business 2 Community / Photo Credit: TMZ


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