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Animal Research: Wide Support from Scientists and Physicians

There is really nothing new in the recent posts from Dr. Greek I can respond to specifically.

He remains unable to explain his position in simple words the public can understand.  Instead, he keeps sending the public to his “big book of answers”. I have explained the importance and need for animals in my research in simple words.  The proof that the research works is in front of your eyes, in the videos I posted showing clinical trials of human neural prostheses. As Steve Jobs would say: "It just works!".  

Dr. Greek is unable to explain how the basic research leading this revolution in neural prosthesis could have been achieved without the use of animals. This is research he is clearly opposed to, yet he cannot explain why. He has stated in public that my work and that of my colleagues amounts to scientific fraud against the american taxpayers, yet he cannot state the basis of such grave accusations.

The public should know that Dr. Greek’s opinion on the value of animal research is not shared by the vast majority of scientists.  He is one of a tiny minority. A recent Pew Research survey indicate that 93% of scientists support the use of animals in research.

Numerous scientific societies, including the Society for Neuroscience, have adopted formal positions on the importance of responsible animal research for the advancement of knowledge and medicine.

Physicians have too. The American Medical Association (AMA) has affirmed through continual policy statement, the following:

H-460.974 Animal Research/Rights

The AMA (1) reaffirms its commitment to public education by encouraging physicians to place copies of material describing the medical benefits of animal research in their office waiting rooms; (2) supports heightened public awareness and education with regard to the types of animal models employed in research and efforts employed to avoid animal suffering; and (3) stresses to the public its concern with regard to the impact of the animal rights movement on the conduct of biomedical research, as well as support for the proper and humane treatment of animals in research. 

H-460.988 Need for Continued Use of Animals in Research and Education

The AMA supports (1) the humane use of animals essential to research, education and the development of drugs and medical devices; and (2) efforts to assure the availability of animals for these purposes. 

H-460.989 Animals as Experimental Subjects

The AMA encourages medical school faculty who use animals in the education of students to continue instruction of students on the appropriate use and treatment of animals. 

How does Dr. Greek explain to the public that his opinion is shared only by a tiny minority of scientists and physicians? Obviously, explaining the scientific basis for his reasoning is too difficult for him. Perhaps, conjuring up conspiracy theories where ignorant and greedy scientists work along with the government for pure financial benefit may work. In his words:

The animal-based research engine is fueled by the same forces of human nature that have harmed people since the dawn of time: ignorance, greed, ego, self-preservation and fear. Add to that inertia and blind obedience to the system, and you have the perfect formula for keeping this multi-billion-dollar industry thriving.”

Such conspiracy theories are not dissimilar from those held by other science denialists.


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