Dog Who Fell In Hot Tar Freed After Animal Rescue Team Worked For Two Days (Video)


Determined rescuers worked tirelessly to save a dog after it fell into hot tar in Western India.

After the animal slipped into the thick, sticky substance and the tar cooled, the dog was unable to move. Its fur was coated in a solid layer of tar. The dog was lying on the ground when a passerby saw it and called a local rescue center.

A team from Animal Aid Unlimited arrived and began to work on freeing the dog. The group massaged the tar from the dog’s limbs and body, using small amounts of vegetable oil and slowly pulling the softened substance away.

The dog can be seen blinking at the camera in video footage of the rescue and trying to look around at its surroundings.

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(via Daily Mail)

After two days, the workers managed to remove all the tar, which they described as hard as rock, from the dog. At the end of the rescue, the dog’s chocolate-brown fur was unrecognizable. He happily walks around and takes food from a volunteer, in video footage.

Animal Aid is a hospital and sanctuary for injured or ill street animals. Each year, the team rescues thousands of sick animals and provides for those that need life-long care.

Sources: DailyMail, Mashable

Image Credit: Animal Aid


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