Animal Hoarders: Florida Judge Orders No Animals for 3 Years for Couple Under Investigation

Joy Silver and husband Nathan Giedd were in court on Friday to challenge Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control's seizure of 32 cats, some of them kittens, and 12 dogs at their West Palm Beach home at 827 Briggs Street on April 21.

The couple is currently under investigation for hoarding and asked the judge to let them keep their two family dogs, CBS-12 reports..

Investigating officers said the animals were living in feces and urine. Animal Control also testified that the couple had agreed to a court order last year allowing them only 2 dogs, and no cats and requiring animal-welfare checks on the dogs.

Because Silver never notified animal control that she moved, authorities were not able to perform the checks.

Silver and Giedd, who have not yet had criminal charges filed against them, told the judge that they rescued animals, some in poor condition.

At the hearing in April, Joy Silver told CBS 12 off camera she's involved with rescue and the animals all came from shelters in Miami and that she was fostering them.

Officials say Silver has a history of complaints against her relating to animals she's kept.

The couple insisted their animals were getting good care.

However, the judge ordered on May 16 that the couple to have no animals for at least three years.

Diane Sauve, director of Palm Beach Animal Control, was pleased with the judge’s decision. CBS-12 reporters questioned whether it might establish a new precedent.

"I think it sends a message that animal hoarding is wrong," said Sauve. "And that when there's a court order in place, you have to abide by it."

She stated that it also indicates that society is not going to stand for cruelty to animals.

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