Animal Experts Find Over 100 Venomous Spiders Inside House (Photos)

Animal experts in Carlow, Ireland, were called to inspect a nightmare scenario at an abandoned house recently. National Exotic Animal Sanctuary manager Kevin Cunningham says the house had over 100 deadly, venomous spiders inside.

“We received a call from Carlow about a gentleman who had vacated a house and left over 100 spiders behind,” Cunningham told Mirror. “We had to go in with an expert, catalogue all the species and have the potentially lethal ones like the black widow and funnel-web spiders, which can kill you, destroyed.”

Cunningham said the house's former resident bought the non-native spiders online. This is apparently a growing and problematic trend in Ireland.

Here, courtesy of Mirror, are some pictures of the spiders found inside the house:

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In addition to spiders, people are buying animals like raccoons, which are not native to Ireland, and keeping them as pets.

“In Britain and in Northern Ireland, they have the Wild Animal Act which requires the owners to have a licence if their animal is capable of inflicting any harm to a person or other animal,” Cunningham says. “Technically you can keep a tiger in Ireland and you’re not breaking any laws. The Government needs to look at this problem now as more and more exotic animals become available for sale on the net.”

Source: Mirror


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