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Animal Control Officer Nicole Hubbard Shares Shocking Photo Of Dog Riding In Crate Attached To Vehicle On Highway

A dog was riding in crate attached to an SUV with North Carolina license plates that was traveling at 70 mph on a Georgia Highway when it was spotted and photographed by an animal control officer, who phoned police for assistance.

Nicole Hubbard posted the disturbing photo, which shows a dog riding in a small, open airline crate strapped to the back of a vehicle, on Facebook. She noticed the dog carrier attached to an SUV while she and her boyfriend were driving on Interstate 95 in Georgia, according to Mail Online.

Hubbard, who is an animal control officer in South Carolina, has no jurisdiction in Georgia. She decided to alert the state highway patrol and was told on the phone that an officer will be dispatched to stop the SUV.

However, it was not until Hubbard and the driver of the SUV crossed into South Carolina more than 90 minutes later that a local highway patrol officer pulled the vehicle with the dog crate over.

Yahoo! Shine reported that Pet360 reached out to Hubbard who reportedly said, "We pulled up behind the SUV and I asked my boyfriend, 'what are the chances they have a dog in that crate?' and he said, 'No way,' and we got up next to the vehicle and there was this little dog sitting in that crate."

It remains unknown if the owner of the SUV was issued a fine because of the treatment of the pet.

The story has reportedly drawn more than 2,500 comments with most users expressing outrage at the unidentified SUV driver.

Sources: Mail Online, Yahoo! Shine 


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