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White Woman Calls Black Actor The N-Word (Video)

Actor Elijah Ahmad Lewis posted a video (below) on Facebook of an unidentified woman calling him the N-word and allegedly punching him on Jan. 25 in Reno, Nevada, where he is performing in "Motown: The Musical."

According to Lewis, he was walking down a street to get lunch when the woman began calling him names, which he initially tried to ignore.

Lewis says the woman hit him, and he then recording her with his cellphone.

In the video, the woman tells Lewis, "Stop recording me or I'm going to f***ing swing that f***ing phone out of your hand."

The woman appears to hit Lewis, who keeps recording.

"Then don't record me b****!" the woman shouts. "Do not record me you f***ing n*****!"

The woman uses the N-word several more times as Lewis follows and films her.

In response to the video, Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve tweeted: "Hate will not be tolerated in the [City of Reno]. [Reno Police] are actively looking for the woman in this video."

Schieve also commented about the video at a city council meeting on Jan. 25: "I was incredibly disturbed; I just want to make it very clear the city will not tolerate hate and also we need to spread more love and kindness among each other. 'Motown: The Musical' is in town and I urge you to go and see it and see this wonderful performer named Elijah," notes the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Brian Vogler, vice president of Marketing for Jam Theatricals, which produces the musical, told the newspaper: "[Lewis] wants to focus on giving the audience the best performance possible and continue spreading the Motown message of unity, hope and healing to all."

The Reno Government stated on its Facebook page: "The City of Reno does not condone the behavior that is demonstrated in the video that was posted earlier today on Facebook by a 'Motown the Musical' performer who is visiting Reno. The City of Reno embraces diversity and welcomes visitors."

(Note: The video below only includes the confrontation, please go to Elijah Ahmad Lewis' Facebook page for the entire video of his before and after explanations. Lewis has since replaced the video.)

WARNING: This video contains graphic language.

Sources: Elijah Ahmad Lewis/Facebook, Mayor Hillary Schieve/TwitterReno Gazette-Journal / Photo credit: Elijah Ahmad Lewis/Facebook

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