Angry Video Gamer Calls SWAT Team on Opponent's House

Police officers, armed SWAT teams and hostage negotiators showed up outside a home in Long Beach, N.Y. on April 22.

Authorities had received an anonymous 911 phone call via Skype about an armed teen who had supposedly killed family members and was barricaded inside the home, noted WBUR.

Two hours later, the drama ended when a 17-year-old boy inside the home finally took off his headphones, turned off his computer and realized his house was surrounded by 60 armed officers.

The teen told police that he was playing the video game "Call of Duty" online. Police concluded that one of the teen's angry opponents had made a fake distress call and given the teen's address, a practice also known as "Swatting."

"A young male called in and stated that he just killed his mother and his brother, gave his address, and said he was going to kill the first responders when they arrived," Long Beach Police Commissioner Michael Tangney told WABC.

"Once we catch this person, then that will let others know that this will not be tolerated," added Commissioner Tangney. "We have them identified by screen names and things of that nature. To get their actual names is going to take a little bit of time."

"When they're playing video games, if they lose during the game they try to get information on their opponents," Tangney stated. "If they do get the information, they call the police and identify themselves as that person and say that they killed somebody so that the police get this response."

This police response cost an estimated $100,000.

"Incidents like this are a dangerous and outrageous waste of law enforcement resources and taxpayer dollars," Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice told CBS News. "Through a collaboration with our law enforcement partners, we will use every tool we have to track down whoever threatens public safety like this. 'Swatting' is a serious crime that endangers first responders and those in legitimate need of their help."

Sources: WABC, WBUR, CBS News


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