Angry Passenger Urinates On Fellow Flier, Delays Flight


An angry passenger who wasn’t allowed to smoke or drink alcohol on a Paris-bound plane decided to take out his frustration by peeing on a fellow passenger.  

Flight ML2673 was flying from the Algerian capital of Algiers to Paris on Monday when the man became unruly. After he reportedly peed on another passenger, flight attendants pinned him to the ground.

For some reason, the man was also shirtless.

The plane was diverted to Lyon halfway through its 90-minute flight, according to The Independent. The man was escorted off the Airbus A321 at Lyon’s international airport by authorities, along with another man who had caused a disruption on the flight, said the New York Post.

The plane eventually took off again and arrived at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport three hours later than scheduled. 

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Sources: NY Post, The Independent / Photo Credit:  NY Post

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