Angry Parents Accuse Former MTV VJ Of Legally Photographing Kids (Video)

Hysteria broke out this week in McDowell County, West Virginia, after former MTV VJ Jesse Camp and his sister Marisha were accused by angry local parents of legally taking pictures of children.

The mob of parents reportedly blocked the brother and sister's car at a gas station and demanded to look at their camera.

The parents claim they were concerned about their children's safety, but an audio recording provided by Marisha, a portrait photographer, sounds like she and her brother (pictured) were the ones in danger.

One parent asked the siblings, "And there are no pictures of any children on there?”

Jesse replies, "No, and you can check it."

"Not of your kids, I can show you like, Jesus Christ," Marisha adds. "We didn't stop and like approach like."

"Yeah, you guys are making us out to be like crazy pedophiles," Jesse says.

"You guys are making us out to be people that we are not and like," Marisha states.

Jennifer Adkins, a mom, yells "Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? You all don't look like upstanding citizens."

Adkins called Chief Deputy Roger Deel about the Camps, who had not broken any laws.

Adkins later told WVVA, "They were only asking adults that we seen, but our kids were photographed without consent."

If that were true, it would not be illegal. The ACLU states on their website, "When in public spaces where you are lawfully present you have the right to photograph anything that is in plain view."

At one point Adkins told the Camps that they were "not leaving until I see a camera and the pictures on there.”

Fortunately, the Camps were safely escorted away from the parents by a West Virginia state trooper.

Jesse told WVVA that he and his sister were working on a documentary for an online show that showcases different parts of the country.

PhotographyIsNotaCrime.com notes that Marisha has a photo website at MarishaPhoto.com.

Sources: WVVA, PhotographyIsNotaCrime.com, MarishiaPhoto.com, ACLU.org
Image Credit: WVVA Screenshot


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