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James Littrell, 48, Charged With Assault For Running Over Son-In-Law-To-Be

An Oklahoma dad has been arrested after police say he ran over his daughter’s fiancé with a pick-up truck in the parking lot of a gas station on Monday.

James Littrell, 48, allegedly did not want his daughter to leave his home in Oklahoma City when his soon-to-be son-in-law, Christian Leatherwood, arrived.

Leatherwood said he left and stopped at a nearby gas station, where Littrell confronted him about proposing to his daughter, KFOR reports.

“He started yelling at us in the parking lot and stuff,” Leatherwood told KOCO-TV.

Littrell had learned of his daughter’s engagement and he did not approve.

"[He] told us to stay the hell away from his daughter and he was going to do what he wanted,” Leatherwood’s friend, Victory Nelson, told KOCO.

Nelson called his uncle, a police officer who told him to snap a photo of Littrell’s license plate number. But as Leatherwood went to take a picture, Littrell hit the gas.

“[He] ran into his truck, put the keys, threw it in reverse and hit me,” Leatherwood told the news station. “I ended up on the tailgate, because I didn’t want my legs broken.”

A security camera captured footage of Leatherwood and Nelson grabbing the onto the back of the truck as Littrell drove off. Nelson managed to jump off, but Leatherwood continued to hold on.

"It was very scary, I didn't know what to think," Nelson said.

"He slammed onto the brakes, flew into the back of the truck and he sped out of the corner store," Leatherwood said.

Littrell then stopped the truck at a red light.

“I was trying to climb out, [the light] was still red, he slammed on the gas and I flew out of the vehicle,” said Leatherwood.

Police caught up shortly after Littrell sped away and arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon. Leatherwood suffered only minor injuries.


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