Video: L.A. Moms Fight During Preschool Graduation


Los Angeles is a tough town. You even have to watch your back at preschool commencement ceremonies.

An altercation at southern California’s Lenicia B. Weemes Elementary School was caught on camera, to the likely chagrin of the parents involved. According to a report posted by, a group of women resorted to fisticuffs when one parent claimed the lone cap and gown set intended for use in each child’s graduation picture.

“This all started because my son’s teacher was so unorganized,” the unnamed camerawoman told “Basically because of budget issues all the kids had to share a cap and gown for pictures.”

Apparently some of the mothers present were less adept at sharing than their preschoolers.

The video below shows a raucous fight erupting, with several women shouting and throwing punches at each other. If you listen carefully you can hear children crying hysterically in the background.

This following video is brought to you by the letter “C” for classy and the number 5 for years of therapy the children present will need to get over the incident:

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