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Angry Mob In Congo Stones Man To Death And Eats His Corpse In Act Of Revenge For Rebel Attacks (Video)

Disturbing reports say that an angry crowd in Congo stoned a man to death and then ate his remains in an act of retaliation.

According to reports, the angry crowd stoned the man after locals became suspicious of him while he sat on a bus. The man reportedly couldn’t speak the local language of Swahili and was carrying a machete, so the angry crowd assumed he was a member of the Ugandan rebel Islamist group ADF-NAUL, who are responsible for a series of overnight raids in the area and for the slaughtering of more than 100 people just this past month alone. Members of the group have reportedly killed people with machetes, so when they saw the foreigner carrying one, they knew they had to act.

The crowd proceeded to stone the young man to death, burn his body, and eat his corpse in an act of retaliation for the raids and massacre.

Congo’s President Joseph Kabila addressed his country following the initial raids in the area and promised that they would “defeat” members of the ADF-NAUL.

“There is no question of negotiation with the terrorists," Kabila said in his speech, saying that they will face the same fate as the M23 rebels that were brought down by the government last year. "They will be defeated as was the case with the M23. And it will be very soon. I call on the population to support the army because the victory against the M23 was because the population was behind the army. I call on young people to join the army in great numbers.”

Since the massacres in the area began, the United Nations has beefed up patrol to help protect residents.

Sources: Yahoo News, Reuters, GMA News


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