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Angry Mob Chases George Zimmerman Off Miami Beach

George Zimmerman fled Miami after an angry crowd allegedly harassed him on a local beach.

In town to film TV interviews with Univision and Fusion last week, Zimmerman reportedly travelled to a local beach with his girlfriend, her child and her brother.

When other beachgoers recognized him they allegedly harassed him, TMZ reports.

Someone in the crowd shouted about $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman’s head.

This attack took place the same day his interview with Fusion aired. In it Zimmerman said he “absolutely” feels like he’s been a victim. He claimed he didn’t even think he should have been prosecuted in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

“I feel the people in power, like Gov. Scott, cowered to political pressure and shredded the Constitution, and spit in the face of all our fallen soldiers, and went through with a malicious prosecution, simply for political pressure,” he said.

He argued that guns make society safer and that gun control isn’t working.

“I think that the way our forefathers had it planned with the Second Amendment is exactly the way it should be. I think that those that are entitled to carry arms should have the right to carry arms—we do have the right to carry arms—”

Sources: TMZ, Daily Mail


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