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'Angry With Life': Man Admits To Fatal Stabbing In Maine Supermarket


A transgender man who fatally stabbed a woman at a Maine supermarket admitted to his crime, saying he planned to kill “several random people” because he was “angry with life.”

According to reports, 31-year-old Connor MacCalister told police that he planned his attack for a month because he was “angry with life and wanted to get back at someone.” He reportedly followed 59-year-old Wendy Boudreau from the parking lot of the supermarket to the ice cream aisle, where he grabbed her and slit her throat. MacCalister told authorities that he wanted to kill an older, smaller woman who “wouldn’t resist.”

An employee approached him following the stabbing, and when asked why he did it MacCalister said it was because she looked at him “funny.” An affidavit stated that another witness claimed MacCalister said he was “off his meds” and “didn’t mean to do it.”

In two apology letters, one addressed to Bodreau and one to her family, MacCalister said he “messed up” and slit her throat, and hoped that one day her family “would know peace.”

MacCalister pleaded guilty to murder and requested a life sentence, despite his attorney’s recommendation to use an insanity defense.

Sources: People, WCVB / Photo credit:,


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