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Angry French Tenant Destroys Apartment with Sledgehammer Over $2,500 Grumble (Video)

One angry French tenant decided to retaliate against his landlord for not giving him back his $2,500 deposit by taking a sledgehammer to the apartment and posting the video on YouTube.

The video shows the unidentified man angrily shouting at the camera in French and then taking his anger out with a sledgehammer. He proceeds to destroy walls, a mirror, the toilet, and shower to the tune of dramatic orchestral music.

The video, titled “vengeance d'un locataire” or “revenge of a tenant,” has over 800,000 views since being posted to YouTube on November 23rd. While the man clearly has a reason to be angry, he may wind up having to shell out much more than $2,500 if the landlord presses charges and police track him down. Still, this angry man did what many in similar situations wish they had the nerve to do and certainly provided the world with some good entertainment.

Watch the furious French tenant destroy his apartment in the video below.


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