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Angry Ex-Con Demands Texas Lawmakers Approve Open Carry Of Handguns (Video)

William Brown III recently demanded that Texas lawmakers pass a bill that would allow Texans to openly carry handguns, based upon his prison experiences as an ex-convict.

Speaking at a legislative hearing on Tuesday, Brown said he spent 17 and half years in the "worst prisons that the state of Texas has to offer" and warned them of an "evil in this world that you cannot describe," reports (video below).

"And I will look each one of you in the eye and ask you, 'How dare you strip anybody of their right to defend themselves from the unspeakable evil that walks in this world!" Brown yelled.

However, Brown would not be able to carry a gun even if the bill passes.

The Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence notes: "Federal law prohibits the purchase and possession of firearms by people who fall within certain categories, such as convicted felons, domestic abusers, and people with specific kinds of mental health histories."

Brown sat at a table next to a volunteer of the gun safety group Moms Demand Action who testified against the bill. She said there was no actual evidence that proved that open carry of a firearm deters crime, and mentioned how open carry creates fear and intimidation.

After the hearing was over, Brown was caught on audio yelling:

You don't have any evidence open carry prevents crime and you got a criminal standing in front of you? Ask me, I'll give you the evidence, you g--------- right it prevents crime, what are you people stupid? How damn dumb do you gotta be to say something like that, lady?

Before he testified, Brown wrote on his Facebook page: "Sitting here in the Capital, waiting to testify for open carry. MDA skanks coming outta the woodwork. It's all good, no collectivist waste of life is gonna steal my bliss today..Got muh Meskins with me, they got my back!"

Brown went on an angry rant against Moms Demand Action on Facebook this morning:

I categorically reject the Hell you wish to create. Your lies, your slander, and your attention-whoring histrionics will never convince me otherwise. You may eschew Life, but I will embrace it.

I'm sorry that God made you a second-rate, weak individual, and I'm even sorrier that the rest of us must suffer being dragged to your level. It's a shame that we must pay for your bitterness, your resentment, and your inadequacies as a person. You are Homo sapiens in beta mode, the failed trial-runs of human progress.

...You’re the nihilistic slaves of fascism, hell-bent on sacrificing others on the altar of your own mediocrity. You reject reality, while desperately clinging to a destructive neurosis. You are inferiority personified, and the first to bow the knee You are the waste product of human evolution…and you know it.

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Image Credit: Tomia Screenshot


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