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Angry Driver Shoots Peter Harbachuk After his Dog Runs in Front of Pickup Truck

Peter Harbachuk is recovering from a gunshot wound after a driver shot him because Harbachuk's dog forced the driver's pickup truck to stop.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Harbachuk and his wife were walking their golden retriever, Bella, when the dog escaped from her leash.

Bella ran in front of a pickup truck, forcing it to stop. A woman got out of the truck to yell at the couple.

Harbachuk asked the woman to get back in her truck while he tried to get his dog back on the leash.

The woman got back in the pickup, but a man got out of the vehicle with a gun.

“Some dude hopped out and he pointed a gun toward my head,” Harbachuk recalled. “I said, ‘Hey. This doesn’t have to go down like this.'"

The man then fired a shot into Harbachuk’s leg. The unidentified couple in the truck fled the scene before police and paramedics arrived.

“This could’ve been anyone. It could’ve been my wife,” Harbachuk said. “It could have been just any person walking down the street.”

Source: Tampa Bay Times


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