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Angry Driver Argues with Cyclists Over Road Rights (Video)

A bizarre argument between an angry driver and several cyclists was recently posted online and is going viral.

The video (below) begins with the cyclists waiting for the police to arrive while the driver has his head inside his car, talking to someone, notes

"Apparently, we weren't over close enough [to the right side of the road] when this guy went by," a cyclist states at the beginning of the video. "He honked at us and when we got to a light he started screaming at us... It's the mentality that we have to be all the way over to the right. I know we gotta share the road, but that mentality..."

"If a vehicle is going 15 miles an hour, you move to the right, so that other vehicle can pass!" the driver yells at the cyclist. "It doesn't stay in the middle of the road because you have Lance Armstrong f----- gear on!"

The driver then tells the same cyclist, "You came right up in my face and called me a f---- a--hole, so don't talk about courtesy!"

"Don't touch me!" says the cyclist. "I'm not touching you!" the driver screams back.

The driver claims the same cyclist put his hands on his car, but the cyclist fires back, "I did not touch your car."

The driver then goes into a Don Rickles-type routine, attacking the cyclist's appearance, "You need to take something because you look like s---!"

After a female biker says, "Oh my God," the driver yells at her, "You should talk, you're a hundred pounds overweight!"

The driver then challenges the biker filming the incident to a fight, "Come on, you got a foot on me buddy!"

At the end of the video, the irate driver reveals that he is on his way to church to pick up his mother to visit his father's grave.

"When you go to church, you think about how you act," says a cyclist.

It's not clear where this incident took place, and every state has different laws, but in general cars are supposed to yield for cyclists and pedestrians.

Sgt. Richard Ruth, of the Orlando, Fla., Police Department, told the Orlando Sentinel in 2013, "A driver may pass a cyclist either in a bike lane, when there is no bike lane, and even if there is a bike lane and cyclist is outside the bike lane. The driver must leave a distance of at least 3 feet between the car and bike/nonmotorized vehicle being passed."

"Drivers should reduce speed and treat the pack as one large nonmotorized vehicle. When it's safe with regard to all vehicles on roadway, drivers may pass," added Sgt. Ruth.

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