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Angry Customer Calls Company, Threatens to Use Machine Gun (Audio)

A recording of an angry customer berating a call center representative was recently uploaded to YouTube and has gone viral.

The unidentified customer begins by saying, "I am your worst nightmare" to a customer service rep named "Mark," who works for an unidentified security systems company, notes

The customer berates the polite employee for about eight minutes with non-stop profanity (audio below).

The irate customer says he's been trying to get help for three hours and has been transferred to three different employees.

Apparently, the last employee he spoke to, "Michelle," called him back, but he missed her call. The man, filled with fury, says that he has called Michelle's extension, but keeps getting her voicemail.

At one point, he yells, “I might go ballistic and come over there with a machine gun! I don't have one, but I'll go try to acquire one!"

The video was uploaded on Wednesday by a former employee of the security systems company, who wrote on his YouTube page: “The company would not be happy that I’m doing this, but it belongs on the Internet.”

There is no independent verification that this call is real.

Sources: and YouTube



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