Anger relief


I have an ex-wife that is a criminal.  When we were married, little did I know that she was hiding activity behind my back, and past crimes that she had already been penalized for.  After we divorced, her family came forward and confessed to me about everything they knew.  I was like...."now you tell me".

Since then, she has been in and out of trouble for forging checks and theft at various stores.  She was on our state's ten most wanted list, and when she got arrested she had a $100,000 bail.  She somehow got released supposedly by writing to the judge every day...and she paid nothing.

All of my daughter's life has been plagued with her mom stealing from her.  Every gift we would buy my daughter would disappear.  One year, over $3,000 worth in her two kids' Christmas presents vanished, but not a penny or item of their mother's.  The state wouldn't do anything, and even the child protective services wouldn't do anything. 

To make a long story short, just recently my ex took off to San Diego because the FBI came to her house looking for her when she was not home.  She had a room-mate call her and warn her.  No one knows why (except my ex).

She talked my daughter into going to see her (over the phone, because no one knew where she was), and she stole a book of checks from my daughter who didn't notice.  Now there are hundreds of dolllars worth in checks bouncing and have been forged by three different being her mom.  My daughter is devistated.  She loves her mom to death and doesn't want to go to the police.

After a long talk, I have convinced my daughter to go to the police.  This is a failure of our system through and through.  There were multiple opportunities for the law to do something when she was in jail, including for forgery.  Never once did they do more than slap her on the wrist.

Thanks for the ear, whoever took the time to listen.


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