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Anger + Guns = Death

Getting suspended from your job. Having cold eggs at breakfast. Getting cut off while driving. Arguing with a neighbor. How do you handle these situations? However you might deal with life’s problems, big and small,

adding guns does not help. Lately it seems as if there has been a lot of examples of people shooting family members, colleagues, neighbors, and strangers in anger. In each of these cases, if guns had not been readily accessible, more people would be alive today:

The Associated Press reports on a woman in Pennsylvania who shot three colleagues, two fatally, after arguing with them and being suspended from her job:

Yvonne Hiller, 43, had gotten into an argument Thursday evening with her co-workers at the northeast Philadelphia plant, police said. After she was disciplined, she went to her vehicle, made several phone calls, and then grabbed a .357 Magnum and used it to force her way past security guards at the front gate…. After leaving the break room, Hiller went down a hallway and fired shots at the supervisor who had suspended her and at a mechanic who was using a walkie-talkie to alert police and co-workers to her whereabouts, police said. She missed both.

The Associated Press reports on a man in Kentucky who killed five people and himself over a poorly-cooked breakfast:

A man facing eviction over his hostile temper became enraged by how his wife cooked his eggs and killed her, his stepdaughter and three neighbors with a shotgun before shooting himself on Saturday. Trooper Jody Sims of the Kentucky State Police said 47-year-old Stanley Neace killed the five people in two mobile homes in rural eastern Kentucky around 11:30 a.m., then went to his home and turned the gun on himself.

CNN reports on a road rage shooting outside Los Angeles that left a man dead:

A 28-year-old man was fatally shot after an argument on a freeway ramp outside Los Angeles, California, police said Saturday. The man got into a verbal altercation with the occupant or occupants of a car as he was merging onto I-105 on Friday evening, Downey Police said in a statement. “At some point during the road rage incident, a single gunshot was fired from the passenger side of the vehicle and the gunshot traveled into the victim’s minivan and struck the victim,” Downey Police Sgt. Brian Baker said.

The Washington Post reports on a man who assaulted and then killed his neighbor after an argument over a “speed hump” in the neighborhood in Virginia:

In June, court and police records show, Patton angrily confronted Carr about the speed hump outside Carr’s house. Patton was charged with misdemeanor assault. His trial was set for Thursday. On Sunday night, police say, Patton went further. Witnesses told police he burst into Carr’s house, tied up Carr and his girlfriend and, when Carr struggled, fatally shot him in the head, court records allege.

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