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Angelina Upset Over Brad's Photo With Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez has become embroiled in the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie divorce.  

The Daily Mail reports that the 24-year-old actress posted a photo of herself and Pitt to social media, which made Jolie “furious.”  

The photo shows Pitt and Gomez sitting together at the Golden Globes. Pitt sits looking forward in his black tuxedo, while Gomez also leans forward, staring at Pitt and wearing a long white dress.  

A source told the site: “Angie blew a gasket when she saw Selena’s Instagram, and heard through friends about how Brad and Selena flirted so shamelessly.  Now Selena is bragging to everyone that Brad is gung ho to make another movie with her. Selena is going around jokingly calling Brad "my future husband," and Angie is obviously none too pleased.”

Jolie has allegedly demanded that Pitt never work with Gomez again. 

Gomez also told reporters at the Golden Globes, “I’m not going to lie. It’s nice to look at all of the hot guys I admire. I’m trying to find Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt right now!”

Gomez also told Ellen Degeneres in an interview that Pitt requested a meeting with her backstage. “I was in my dressing room and I had just finished performing,” she told the talk show host. “They knocked on my door and they said Brad Pitt would like to come in and I was like, ‘He can come in.’"

“I was trying to play cool and be really nice,” Selena added. “As soon as he walked out I ran and I hid under the craft service table for like two minutes because I couldn't believe it was happening. He was like, 'Can I have a picture with you?' I was like, 'Can I have a picture with you?"' she laughed.

According to TMZ, Pitt and Jolie are feuding over custody of their six children. Jolie wants sole custody, claiming Pitt indulges in marijuana smoking and alcohol regularly and has anger issues, which puts the kids at risk. Pitt claims that is false, and wants joint custody with Jolie.  

Sources: Daily Mail, TMZ / Photo credit: Selena Gomez/Instagram via Daily Mail

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