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Angelia Marie Mayo Shops Naked For Walmart Clothes, Arrested With 39 Xanax Pills

Walmart employees may be among America’s lowest-paid workers, with an average wage of only about $8.81 per hour — but at least they can say that life in never boring in the nation’s largest big-box retailer.

The latest colorful incident at a Walmart location took place Tuesday at a store in Rockwood, Tenn., when Angelia Marie Mayo decided that the most efficient way to shop for new clothes would be to strip nude first.

After all, who wants to waste time lining for those cramped dressing rooms, anyway?

Actually, Mayo wasn’t looking to shop for clothes, so much as shoplifting for clothes when she doffed her duds. The 29-year-old woman (pictured in her mug shot) had already been spotted by store detectives rather unsubtly piling various items into a large garbage bag.

It soon became evident to the Walmart loss prevention officers that the woman had no means to pay for the items, which totaled $1,148 in retail value.

But it was what she did next that pretty much sealed the case against Mayo.

She moved quite unsteadily into the Walmart’s women’s apparel section, promptly peeled off her attire until she was fully naked — then discarded her own clothes in the nearest trash receptacle. She then began perusing the store's selection for replacement garments as she stood in the aisle, completely in the buff.

Police soon moved in and discovered that Mayo, rather unsurprisingly, appeared to be on drugs.

“Her speech was slurred, she was unsteady on her feet, couldn’t hold her head up, and her pupils were like pin holes,” read a report prepared by police officer Charles Haubrich. She appeared confused and unaware of her location.

After a female officer took her into a store dressing room and helped her retrieve her clothes and put them back on, officers reportedly found 39 pills of the anti-anxiety medication Xanax. Mayo admitted taking two of them prior to the incident.

She later was able to slip out of handcuffs, so police added an escape charge to the numerous charges she already faces, which include theft, possession of controlled substances, public indecency and public intoxication.

At an Oklahoma Walmart last month, a female shopper discovered a man masturbating in the women’s restroom — at 8:30 in the morning.

On "Black Friday" this year, brawls broke out as customers battled to reach discounted merchandise at Walmart stores in Tennesee and Puerto Rico.

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