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Angela McClain Lucky Enough To Snap Photo Of Rare Fireball Meteor

A flash of light that lit up the sky on Friday evening was a fireball meteor and a woman in Ohio caught it on camera.

Angela McClain was at Faith Ranch in Jewett, Ohio, coincidentally, for an astronomy workshop, along with 60 others, according to WTOV.

"I decided to set up the camera and program it to take a series of long exposures in order to later on make a star trail out of it," McClain said.

The Daily Caller noted that more than 900 sightings of the fireball were reported to the American Meteorological Society by Saturday evening. Skywatchers ranging from in Canada and the United States reported seeing the event.

"It seemed like a bolt of lightning,” said John Kaminski, director of the ranch. “The flash of it was just amazing. As I looked in the sky, it was just this ball flying through the air with this huge tail."

"To have a fireball meteor that bright and seen by that many people, you need to actually have a fairly substantially large rock impacting the earth's atmosphere. So maybe (it was) the size of a grapefruit or something of that size or maybe even a little bit bigger than that," said Penn State astrophysicist Chris Parma, who estimated that there have been about 10 or 12 unpredicted fireballs throughout September.

Sources: The Daily Caller, WTOV


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