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Andy Warhol Campbell Soup Cans Go on Sale at Target

Fans of the legendary artist Andy Warhol will soon be able to collect actual Campbell soup cans featuring pop art inspired by the artist’s iconic work.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Warhol’s famed 1962 “32 Campbell’s Soup Cans” art piece, the soup company will release approximately 1.2 million pop art soup cans in select Target stores nationwide. According to LaughingSquid,com, the product will sell for the accessible price of $.75 beginning Sept. 2, 2012.

Designs for the cans were a collaboration between the Campbell’s Global Design team and The Andy
Warhol Foundation. The foundation, created after the artist’s 1987 death, uses its endowment to address the needs of scholars and creative minds nationwide.

The inspiration for the promotion, the “32 Campbell’s Soup Cans” work, was originally revealed at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles in 1962, drawing confusion and hungry looks by the art world.

According to Target’s ABullseyeView, the watery subject was chosen due to Warhol’s habit of eating the canned soup for  lunch for 20 consecutive years. The piece is currently on display in New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMa).

Besides creating the iconic silk screen painting, Warhol was also known for painting portraits of other history heavyweights like Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor and Elvis Presley.

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