Andy and Nayel Ashkar Arrested for Scamming $5 Million Lottery Winner


Two brothers, Andy and Nayel Ashkar, have been charged with attempted grand larceny and conspiracy after they allegedly scammed a $5 million lottery scratch-off ticket from a customer at their family's convenience store, six years ago.

Andy claimed that he bought the winning ticket in 2006 at his family's store, but waited six years to split the money with Nayel, because he was worried his girlfriend would marry him only for the money, reports ABC News.

However, lottery officials were suspicious because of how much time had passed before the brothers claimed the prize.

Authorities claim that the real winner is a 49-year-old married father, who had been fooled into selling the ticket to the brothers in October 2006.

Andy, who worked behind the counter, told the man that he won $5,000 instead of the $5 million jackpot. Andy then offered to pay him $4,000 for the ticket to avoid taxes. 

The man agreed to the deal at the time, but always had a feeling that he was cheated. He's expected to come forward and collect the $5 million prize soon.


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