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Andrew Laviguer Accused of Robbing Bank, Left Car Keys in Bank

Everyone hates to lose their keys, but it's an especially bad predicament when you have just robbed a bank and are in desperate need of transportation.

Andrew Laviguer reportedly robbed a Wells Fargo bank in Portland, Ore. last Monday, but after running to his getaway car, Laviguer discovered that he left his car keys in the bank.

Unable to drive away, Laviguer ran into a nearby office building, but was arrested, police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson told

Laviguer allegedly brandished a gun during the robbery, but the weapon turned out to be a replica.

After apprehending and arresting Laviguer, authorities investigated his background and now believe him to be a suspect in several successful robberies.

Portland police, FBI and other law enforcement agencies in the Pacific Northwest worked together to discover his alleged past.

Laviguer is locked up in the Multnomah County Jail on a previous warrant, but future charges are expected.

No word yet on whether or not his keys were returned.



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