Gov. Candidate Andrew Cuomo: No Medical Marijuana in NY

Andrew Cuomo, New York Attorney General and the Democrat candidate for the Governor of New York told reporters on Sunday that he does not

want to see New York follow California’s example and legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Cuomo who has admitted using marijuana in his youth said that the dangers of medical marijuana outweigh the benefits. Cuomo has a strong lead over his Republican opponent, Carl Paladino, who has said recently that he wanted the issue put to a referendum.

When told that medical marijuana’s legalization could generate revenues for the state, he said, “A lot of things could raise revenues. Legalizing prostitution could raise revenues. I’m against that, too.” Currently in New York, there are twin bills, 9016 and SB 4041-B that would legalize medical marijuana in the state of New York. The bills have passed through several committees with bipartisan support, the current bills have made it farther than any past medical marijuana bills in the Senate and is now languishing in the budget committee.

Last year was the first that a medical marijuana bill has passed out of a Senate committee in the Empire state. Support for medical marijuana legislation in the budget seams to be wavering and no action or votes were taken on either bills since summer. A February 2010 Quinnipiac Poll found that 71% of New Yorkers believe it’s a good idea to “allow adults to legally use marijuana for medical purposes if their doctor prescribes it.” Candidate Cuomo has said he does not think the bill will ever pass in his state.


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