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Andrew Bullock Sentenced After Pleading Guilty To Raping 85-Year-Old Nun

A Beaver County teenager received his prison sentence Wednesday after pleading guilty to raping an elderly nun, reports Pittsburgh’s Action 4 News.

The judge is calling it one of the worst crimes he has ever heard of in his 42-year career in the criminal court system. Family members, for their part, cannot begin to imagine what would drive Andrew Bullock, 19, to attack and sexually assault an 85-year-old nun.

“That’s not the brother that I knew,” said Marjorie Jackson, Bullock’s step sister.

Bullock confessed to cornering the nun behind St. Titus Church in Aliquippa last December. At a preliminary hearing, the nun said she feared for her life when Bullock punched, choked, and proceeded to rape her.

“(This is) probably the most horrific assault you can have on a woman short of killing her,” Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Popovich told Action 4 News. “And then to have this happen to an 85 year old woman who dedicated herself to a life of God and to a vow of celibacy makes things so much worse.”

Bullock was sentenced to 18 and a half to 37 years in state prison. He will be required to register his address with the Megan’s Law website as a sexual predator and go to monthly sexual offender counseling sessions for life.

While the nun admits she now knows the true meaning of “terror,” she does forgive Bullock for his actions. In a written statement read by a sister of St. Joseph of Baden at Bullock’s sentencing hearing, she wrote, “It’s interesting to note that the second question made to me by the public was: ‘Can you forgive him?’... Of course, he is forgiven. You, Andrew, are my brother and you, like me, are a beloved child of our heavenly Father God,” the statement added. “And our Father asks us of his children to love one another and forgive one another. And this I do, Andrew, by God’s merciful grace.”

Source: WTAE


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