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Andrea Starr Called 911 After a Seizure, the Police Beat Her Instead

Andrea Starr of Grover Beach, Calif., called 911 because she needed medical attention. She wound up in the hospital, but not for the seizures she sought treatment for.

On Oct. 11, Starr was alone on the beach when she began having seizures, which exacerbated the effects of her earlier alcohol consumption. Starr has Juvenile Myoclonic Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy with retractable seizures that do not respond well to medication.

“I was having seizures, going in and out of consciousness,”  Starr said. “I did not even understand where I was. I called 911 crying, begging for help. Instead, multiple police showed up, no medics, or ambulance.”

Pismo Beach Police attempted to take Starr into custody for public intoxication, but her legs involuntarily convulsed. The police interpreted it as resisting arrest and allegedly beat her. She alleges she sustained “a sprained ankle, sprained wrist, bruises to the bone and cuts all over my body from the force used by the police.” 

Starr was taken to jail on charges of battery against a police officer, resisting arrest and public intoxication. Still, she failed to receive medical treatment.

“When I was in jail, I started to convulsive on the floor of the jail cell due to lack of medication. It had been a long time at that point,” Starr said. “A police officer came in and kicked me in the head because ‘my head was too close to the door.’ This made multiple girls start to cry, as it was very obvious I was having seizures and could have died.”

Starr tested negative for any drugs and insists that she only had a few drinks prior to the incident. In total, she was denied medical treatment for over 13 hours. Starr also has absolutely no criminal record.

Starr is currently seeking a lawyer while charges against her are pending. 

Sources: Police State USA, Andrea Starr’s GoFundMe Page / Image via Andrea Starr’s GoFundMe Page


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