Andrea Mobley, Jennifer Morrow Steal Beef Jerky from Walmart for 'Bucket List' (Video)

Andrea Mobley and Jennifer Morrow recently admitted to stealing some beef jerky from an Ocala, Florida Walmart store because the theft was part of their "bucket list" of things to do before they die (video below).

Mobley and Morrow, who are both in their 30s, were reportedly observed by a Walmart loss prevention officer who saw Mobley eating beef jerky and Morrow stuffing beef jerky into her bathing suit and purse.

When the women left the store without paying, Walmart called the police. The women were  arrested and charged with petty theft on Wednesday reports Ocala.com.

“It’s not something I wanted to do, but we both decided to do it,” Morrow told a judge on Thursday.

During a phone interview from jail, Mobley told Ocala.com: “I’m ashamed of this whole situation. She said it would be all right. We were two stupid women doing something we never did before.”

Source: Ocala.com


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