Andrea Benitez Gonzalez Shuts Down Mexico City Restaurant With Fit


A popular restaurant in Mexico City was shut down on Friday after the daughter of Mexico's former Attorney General threw a hissy fit when she was forced to wait for a table.

Humberto Benitez Trevino’s daughter, Andrea Benitez Gonzalez, got upset when the owner of Maximo Bistrot told her she would not immediately be seated because she did not have a reservation.

Gabriela Lopez further enraged Gonzalez when she gave a table to customers who were waiting longer. "The young woman was annoyed, said it was her turn. I explained that we had to follow the order and that I could offer her a table inside," Lopez said. "She started to threaten me and said her father was the attorney and that she was going to speak with him [...]and get the business closed down."

Sure enough, inspectors from Profeco (The Federal Attorney's Office for the Consumer that Trevino currently runs) showed up about three hours later. Gonzalez also went on Twitter to complain about the restaurant.

@AndyBenitezz tweeted: "Awful service, lack of education... will never go back."

Lopez, 31, will not be launching legal action against what she deemed to be "irregular" enforcement. Trevino apparently had a change of heart and later apologized for the behavior of his daughter, The New York Daily News reported.

"I offer a sincere apology to everyone who was affected by the inappropriate conduct of my daughter Andrea,” he said in a statement. "She exaggerated the situation and the Profeco authorities, who report to me, then over-reacted because it was about my daughter. I have sent out instructions to all staff so that this situation never repeats itself."

Sources: The New York Daily News, Provincia


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