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Anderson Cooper Slams Alec Baldwin for Lying About Anti-Gay Rant (Video)

Last week, actor and MSNBC host Alec Baldwin was caught on video threatening a photographer and yelling some anti-gay insults.

Anderson Cooper has questioned Baldwin's version of the incident in the past, which earned the CNN anchor a scolding on Twitter from Baldwin, noted

Last night on CNN, Cooper and a panel of guests discussed Baldwin's rant, in which he reportedly called the photographer a “c---------- f--” (video below).

"When you use the term c-sucking f-- to another human being in rage and anger to put that person down, you are thinking of the worst thing you can say to that person to demean them and debase them in public," said guest Andrew Sullivan. "That is, I'm afraid, a textbook case of being homophobic. I don't know what else would merit such a thing. It's the worst homophobic thing you can do."

Cooper questioned Baldwin’s later claims that he said “fathead” instead of "f--" and that he didn't know that “c----------” was an anti-gay slur, reports

“My point is anybody can say anything they want," said Cooper. "But then don’t lie about it afterward and claim you don’t know this was an anti-gay slur. I don’t know how old he is, in his fifties or whatever, but if you attain that great age and claim you don’t know calling a guy a ‘toxic little queen’ is an anti-gay reference or calling someone a ‘c---------- f--,' that’s just a lie. I mean, come on.”

Cooper added that if Baldwin had used the N-word as Paula Deen did, his MSNBC program would have been canceled sometime ago.

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