Ancient Pot With 850-Year-Old Seeds Discovered


A team of archeologists discovered an ancient pot with 850-year-old plant seeds inside of it (video below).

The pot was discovered at Wisconsin's Menominee Reservation, and the seeds inside belonged to a long-extinct squash species, Insider Science reported. A group of students from Winnipeg proved the seeds are still fertile.

Roger Smith of the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company said the age of the seeds was determined through carbon dating.

Smith is now growing the ancient squash himself. He reports that the vines can grow up to 25 feet long and the seeds can produce 10 to 12 18-pound vegetables each. He said the squash tastes sweet and mild, and "sure enough, it tastes like squash."

The company hopes to spread the seeds, particularly in indigenous populations.

The Facebook page Shared posted the story with the caption, "Would you try eating what they found in this vessel?"

"No I do not think I would necessarily like to eat out of it, but thank you for the offer anyhow!" one Facebook user commented.

Sources: Insider Science, Shared/Facebook / Photo Credit: Owen Taylor/Seedkeeping Tumblr via artnet

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