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Did The Mars Rover Capture An 'Ancient Face'? (Photo)


According to UFO enthusiasts, the face of an ancient god was spotted in a rock on Mars.

UFO Sightings Daily first reported the alleged face on Nov. 16, saying that it was found in a picture taken in 2010 by the Mars Opportunity Rover.

“The face looking at us has a lot of similarities to the ancient Mesopotamia faces,” the post’s author, Scott Waring, wrote.

CNET pointed out that at close observation, the face resembles ancient sculptures seen in museums, most notably a Neo-Assyrian attendant god dedicated to Nabu, the god of wisdom. 

Check out the alleged face below. Do you think the UFO enthusiasts are on to something?

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Sources: CNET, UFO Sightings Daily / Photo credit: Fox News, UFO Sightings Daily

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