Anchorage Airport Police Accidentally Lose Rental Car Filled With Explosives


An Anchorage airport police training exercise went wrong on Monday when a rental car filled with explosives was accidentally rented out.

It took police a few hours to track the car down, which they had originally filled with explosives for a K-9 training session. According to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport police authorities, the driver was never in danger.

"When we say 'explosives,' it's not a stick of dynamite," chief of Airport Police Jesse Davis said. "It's a very small piece of explosive."

The driver was cooperative and not alarmed by the incident.

Authorities regularly rent out cars to use for trainings and are supposed to keep a close eye on the vehicles. However, the Anchorage officer turned his back to walk to his own car – when he returned, the rental was gone.

“The big thing, from our standpoint, that really alarmed us was more from the accountability side of it,” Davis said. “These things are very controlled.”

Airport officials held a meeting Tuesday to reinforce the visual contact involved in explosives trainings.

Sources: ADN,


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