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Anala Beevers, 4, Has Genius IQ, Joins Mensa (Video)

Anala Beevers, of New Orleans, Louisiana, can name the capitols of numerous countries and scored more than 145 on an IQ test.

The four year old's IQ is so high that she is in the top one percent of the population and a new member of Mensa.

Her mother and father say that Anala learned the alphabet when she was four months old. When she turned one-and-a-half, the tiny girl knew her numbers in Spanish.

"She's a handful, I'll tell you she is a handful... she keeps us on our toes," her father Landon told

In a video (below) posted on YouTube, Anala names the capitals of countries, such as the Czech Republic, Kenya and South Korea.

In the future, Anala would like to be a nurse.



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