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Ana Gloria Garcia Gutierrez Rides Manatee, Turns Self into Police

Ana Gloria Garcia Gutierrez, who was photographed riding a manatee in Florida, turned herself into police, on Wednesday, after a police press conference asked the public to identify the woman in the picture.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department said Gutierrez, admitted the riding the animal, but didn't know it was against the law, reports

Florida state law says that riding or touching the near-extinct manatees is a misdemeanor.

A bystander took photos of Gutierrez climbing  on top of a manatee on September 30 near the Gulf Pier in Tierra Verde, Florida.

Police were called at the time, but Gutierrez had already departed when they arrived.

Gutierrez was not arrested because a police officer did not observe the incident, but she will pay a fine.


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