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An Organic Farmer Needs to Ask Vegans Questions

Why is it that every time I try to explain to vegans that animals are an important part of a farm's eco-cycle, I get treated like I'm a horrible human being?

I doubt any of these movie stars that I see allowing their "brand" to be used to promote veganism have ever raised and cared for a farm animal. Why should I care what they think about farming?

Why is it that I, as a sustainable and organic farmer, need to be lumped into the same category as factory farms every time I stand up for myself to a vegan?

Why do I need to explain to Vegans that if animal labor is not used on farms, and petro-fuel is not used, then it would be impossible to feed the earth's population. Isn't that a no brainer?

I just read an article here espousing a "study" that claimed that Vegans are more emphatic toward animals. Well, where were they at 3am when I helped birth many calves and saved their and their mothers' lives? Were they there when I was up all night trying to protect my farm animals from predators? Were they there to see me vaccinate and make sure my animals had enough food throughout their whole lives?

Maybe some answers here will go a long way toward solving these annoying dilemas.


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