An Ode to the Global Warming Alarmists

Some scientific experts say
Our globe is warming day by day.
What’s more, they blame this doubtful case
On carbon from the human race.

Their theory is that CO2
Released by man – that’s me and you –
And other so-called greenhouse gases
Made by busy working masses,
As a thick and gaseous layer,
Round the Earth a blanket forming,
Causing massive global warming.

Now theories come and theories go
And so does climate change, you know.
For climate never stays the same
And human-kind is not to blame.

Five thousand years ago, it’s told,
That warmer weather chased the cold.
A balmly climate rose the seas
And temperatures by two degrees.

First the Earth begins to warm,
Triggered by a solar storm.
Then the carbon level rises:
Earth is full of great surprises.

Al Gore and Co. will get cold feet
As Bellamy turns up the heat.
For climate change is far from bad –
It’s clear to me that we’ve been had.

All that I say is true, of course.
Please not the cart before the horse.
Spare us all the U.N. jargon.
The heart comes first and then the carbon.

By Rauiri Weldon, Ireland.


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