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Amy Sartor Arrested for Swimming in New Jersey Inlet

Amy Sartor was recently rescued and arrested for trying to swim through the Manasquan Inlet while vacationing in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey.

Police claim that Sartor jumped off the rocks at the beach and tried to swim across the inlet (pictured) to Manasquan, New Jersey on Thursday night.

However, she got caught in a current and was pulled out in the ocean.

"To give you an idea, when the officers first spotted her in the water she was 50 yards off the south side of the jetty and moving at a high rate of speed,” Police Detective Clint Daniel told the Asbury Park Press.

"[Sartor] was already 200 yards south of the inlet and 200 yards off the beach front. Officers were able to keep track of her from shore and they radioed her location to the Coast Guard which responded with a fast rescue boat."

The tourist from Tennessee was ticketed for violating a misbehavior ordinance. The fine can range from $200 to $500.

Source: Asbury Park Press


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