Amputee Turns His Old Leg Into A Lamp, Tries To Sell It On eBay


A Dutch amputee turned his leg into a lamp and attempted to sell it on eBay for $127,000 in order to raise funds for a new bionic leg.

Leo Bonten, 53, had his right leg surgically removed in June after developing a serious infection that attacked his bones and left him with a dead and stiff limb. The bacterial infection was the result of a kiddie pool accident which shattered several bones in his leg two years earlier, the New York Daily News reported.

Before his surgery he said he had a “flash of inspiration” to turn the limb into a lamp. He would sell it and use the proceeds to pay medical bills and help other amputees.

Medical officials said the hospital had to dispose of the leg and that it would be incinerated, but Bonton fought the decision.

"My leg is my property. People keep kidney stones in a jar on the mantelpieces. Ashes of dead people are included in tattoos. I'm going to make a lamp of my leg," he told the Dutch publication NRC Reader.

He was eventually allowed to keep to leg, which was preserved for him by pathologist Frank van de Goot.

It was turned into a lamp by designer Willem Schaperkotter, who fitted it in formaldehyde inside a large cylindrical container.

Bonten listed it on eBay for €100,000, or $127,130, but it was taken down for violating a policy against the sale of human body parts. He is now looking for other ways to auction off the lamp.

"I know I will never run again but the fact that I still have the leg helps me deal with the loss, particularly if I can sell it and use the money to buy a bionic leg," he told The Mirror.

"I would also like to set up a foundation that helps amputees come to terms with the fact that their life doesn’t stop after a limb is removed,” he added.

Sources: New York Daily News, The Mirror

Image Credit: Stefanie Gratz, Facebook


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