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Amos Wells Kills Pregnant Girlfriend, 10-Year-Old Brother and Mother

A 22-year-old man turned himself in for killing his pregnant girlfriend, ten-year-old brother, the girlfriend's mother and the family dog.

Amos Wells is being held on $2 million bail for murdering Chanice Reed, 21, Annette Carroll Reed, 39, and Eddie McCuin.

While all three of the victims were rushed to the hospital, all were unable to be saved, including the unborn child. 

When Wells went to the police station to turn himself in, he told officers that he "did something bad" and was charged with capital murder.

Police spokesman Sgt. Joe Loughman said he believed Wells shot the girlfriend after having an argument with her.

"I have no idea why he went after the 10-year-old," Loughman said.

Family members were shocked that Wells killed the young boy.

"You don't have a heart if you can kill, point-blank, like that. Go in a house and kill an innocent kid," Monique Myers, 25, a cousin, said.

"How could you? How could you take away innocent lives like that?"

Wells was previously convicted of domestic violence twice in the past but neither time included Chanice Reed.

Myers said she spoke with Chanice on Monday about Wells and told her to leave him.

"She told me he was controlling. He didn't like her being with her own family. I talked to her and said, 'Chanice, leave him,'" Myers said.

"He just shot her point blank, because she was in the door, went into the room and shot my cousin, Eddie, three times."

"You're going to have a child yourself. For you to kill the mom, mother of your child, her brother, you don't have a heart. It's going to be a cold day in hell."

Myers is hopeful that he will give some answers about what motivated him to attack the family.

"I hope he opens his mouth and talks. I want to know everything," she said.

Sources: Daily Mail,Star-Telegram


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