Ammunition Sales May Soon Have To Be Electronically Reported to Police in Los Angeles


A new pilot program is starting in Los Angeles where anybody that sells ammunition will have to send electronic reports of sales to the LA Police Department.

The new program is being tested as a way to make the process more efficient. Stores already keep logs of all ammunition sales, but as of right now, police have to go and obtain the logs themselves.

Reserve officer and councilman Mitch Englander says that the new pilot program should help make the process a lot easier.

“The way we do it now is have to go out and manually look at the logs, and it’s a nightmare,” said Englander. “Often, they need to ask for volunteers or assign reserve officers to the work.”

Officers say that obtaining ammunition logs has been a successful method of stopping crime in the past as it enables police to monitor if any people who have been prohibited from buying weapons are going out and purchasing ammunition.

The program will be tested out in large sports stores through Los Angeles, and in 60 days, it will be reviewed and recommendations will be given for a citywide law.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, there is a chance that the city could be sued over the new program. Attorney Mike Feuer acknowledged, in a recent report to the committee responsible for the pilot program, that they may face lawsuits that argue, “the city is pre-empted from enacting a measure that is now governed by state law.”

It is also unknown how gun rights activists will feel about this pilot program, but proponents say that it will help the already successful practice of checking ammunition sales logs get done more efficiently. 


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